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Colour Stix Moist

PHP299.75 -50% PHP150.00

Moisturising lipstick provides the lips with intensive colours, shiny finish and long-lasting. The formula contains almond extract, pomegranate extract and vitamin E which keep your lips soft and moist throughout the day. The light and creamy texture make your lips feel comfortable and do not feel sticky.

Cute Mascara

PHP259.75 -50% PHP130.00

A crystal clear mascara for grooming your eyelashes. Contains panthenol to help confition the lashes, polyvinyl alcohol to help set the lashes and keratin to help strengthen the lashes. Long wearing, no smudging, no fragrance and easy to remove.

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Eye Colour Pallet

PHP469.75 -50% PHP235.00

Soft, sheer eye colour, shimmering with very fine pearl and glitter. Enriched with vitamin E and kernel butter for a smooth and creamy texture. Each palette contains five shades, in a mirror compact, for a variety of eyeshadow looks.

Gel Liner Pen Waterproof

PHP379.75 -50% PHP190.00

A smooth and soft gel liner, that glides onto the skin. The pencil shape gives balance making it easier to hold and apply. Quick drying, waterproof and super long wearing. No running, no smudging, no ‘panda eyes’, and fragrance free

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Line Define Matte Eyeliner

PHP299.75 -50% PHP150.00

Creamy, quick drying waterproof eyeliner with nylon hair brush applicator for drawing precise lines. Dries quickly to a matte finish. No running, no smudging, no ‘panda eyes’, no fragrance. Long lasting and easy to remove.

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Liquid Lipstick

PHP329.75 -50% PHP165.00

A lipstick that gives smooth finish. Highly pigmented and long lasting color. Fragrance free and has Vitamin E Extract from natural plant, seagrass and luffa seed oil to help nourish and moisturize the lips

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Moisture Intense Lipstick

PHP399.75 -50% PHP200.00

Intense Colour. Intense Coverage. Intense Moisture. Moisturising beads contain lip plumping and lip nourishing ingredients, including sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil and vitamin E are released into the lip during wear. True colour, with high coverage. Waterproof and long wearing. Tested to a sun protection level of SPF 15 against UVB rays and PA++ against UVA rays. Fragrance free.

Oil Control and Oil Free Face Powder

PHP429.75 -50% PHP215.00

An extra sheer face powder using silica for oil & shine control. Made with the SoSoft Powder Processing System to give an ultra soft face powder. Tested to a sun protection level of SPF15 against UVB rays and PA++ against UVA rays. Contains 90% natural ingredients, no fragrance and oil free. With Vitamin E for extra moisture. With compact mirror and washable applicator sponge.

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